Melanie Frok

I care about people and how they experience their world of work. All businesses encounter employee performance issues from time to time. Creating a healthy culture minimises the factors that create poor performance and low morale.

Hi, I’m Melanie Frok. Motivating staff to perform their best by removing obstacles and creating a great place to work is my forte. As a change management and employee engagement specialist, I’ve been helping businesses since 2000. I’ve learnt a lot about how employees react in different environments and I understand the challenges of guiding them to change their behaviour.

I understand the dynamics and impact an ‘unhealthy’ culture has on employee morale and focus because I’ve worked in many teams resolving a wide range of issues. Each business is unique and requires special attention, depending on the size, personality, habits and issues surrounding the present-day culture. People have different work ethics and are motivated by unique aspirations. Building a strong culture takes fortitude, time and determination.

That’s why I founded The Culture Academy. I believe businesses need to develop skills to cope with the fluctuations of morale and cultural mood to minimise the impact it has to their bottom line. And they need support to manage performance issues. In my work I help leaders create the culture they want, develop the skills they need, using the tools that make it easy, so their business can thrive.

Happy, productive employees make good, strong businesses. Call me to talk about building a better culture in your business today.