We increase employee productivity and morale by improving business culture. We help you build a high performing, dedicated team that cares about your business’s success.

“To stay ahead in business you must transform, reinvent, become chameleon-like, and adapt to change. Only then will you succeed.”
Melanie Frok – Coach

53% of Australian small businesses fail in the first five years. 76% of employees are disengaged costing $33 billion per year in lost productivity. We want to change that.

High levels of employee engagement are linked to increased performance, profitability, productivity, employee retention, customer metrics and safety levels.

We are on a mission to help Australian business owners be more profitable, with happier, committed, focused employees who perform well.

Who we work with

Typically we work with business owners and HR Managers who:

  • Have 5 – 50 employees
  • Want to create a high performing team
  • Are motivated to make their environment a ‘great place to work’
  • Are ready, willing and able to make some changes to create a thriving culture where employee love to work.

How are we different?

We work with small to medium businesses

We understand the realities of
small business and specialise
in small team dynamics

We show you how

We show you how to build the right culture to take your business to the next level

We engage your team

We deal with both behaviour and mindset change – the way employees perform their work and how they think about it

You see & feel the results

Our culture mapping system reduces stress, time spent on managing people problems and the negative impact it has to your bottom line

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Trying to engage your team?
Struggling to motivate them to adopt a business change?   Battling with resistance?

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Adopt Adapt Flourish is an employee engagement-based method to lead your team through change while protecting your business performance.




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Chapter 2: The Mistakes Businesses Make When
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